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      Metal pallet is vital in modern logistics system.
      Metal pallet is vital in modern logistics system. The reasonable usage and standardization of metal pallet is the key to keep supply chain going well and it is important way to decrease cost and increasing efficacy. Because of that, metal pallet is the keystone of logistics modernization.  
      In recent years, China economic is increasing dramatically so well the logistics industry, the annual increase over 15%. As the expert opinion, the increasing rate of following years will be 20%. There are two significant characters, the first one is the market is thirsty for modern logistics and the second one is current logistics infrastructure and equipment is out of time. These two characters show the outdate statue of logistics but, vise versa, the logistics industry potential is merging.
      According to the statistic, the loading, storage and transportation cost is up over 50% of selling price of industry product. For perishable food, this number is over 70%. The time consumption is over 90% of entire production time.  
       Logistics cost in developed countries is 9%-11% of GDP but it is 18% in China. This date shows the logistics cost in China double than developed countries and if we account it as 10% the extra cast will more than one billion RMB in total.  
      It is quiet common sense that founding a high efficacy and low cost modern logistics system is principal guarantee of further economic development. But there is a tiny tool needs pay more attention which is pallet. As an important tool in supply chain it could be found in every procedure of modern and effective logistics system.     
       Pallet is critical for product logistics in all transportation, storage, loading, packing and distribution process. Pallet could cut logistics cost significantly, for example, a freight cars of concrete need more than two hours to unload by bare hands but it just need 25mins by pallet and forklift. What more important thing is the modern logistics system need handle various cargo with different shape and dimension. The only method of cost decreasing and efficacy increasing logistics is cargo unitization and handling mechanization.  
      Metal pallet is the functional tool of seamless logistics process. There is no way to fulfill the integration, standardization and rapid response which are function of modern logistics



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