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      【Auto industry-Engine pallet】
      Auto industry-Engine pallet 
      Application: circulation storage and transportation in auto engine industry
      Effect: Keeping transportation damage low increasing handling efficiency decreasing labor and time cost increasing efficiency of truck loading decreasing transportation unit cost.


      Name: Auto engine pallet
      Type: AHFP-02A
      Purpose and characteristic
       2,270×1,150×585 mm  External dimension: 2,270×1,150×585 mm
      1,000KG Load capacity: 1,000KG
      Static stacking: 4 floors 
      Surface treatment: Powder painting with high corrosion resistance and environment friendly function.
      Reasonable bumper design to ensure the product safety in transportation process
      Forklift could double way operation
      Reasonable dimension for marine container transportation.
      Dismountable and foldable column could save storage space effectively   
      Business scope: supply chain management, import and export logistics service, rent of logistics equipment. 

      Procurement:Auto industry-Engine pallet

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